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      Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy your tour of my site.  

     I am primarily a non-fiction freelance writer, however I do dabble in short stories and some poetry. And I am an avid photographer. I also like hiking and walking along "smelling the roses" when I get a chance.

     I have been writing most of my life, in my diary, letters to my friends and now as a grown-up in my journal and my blog.

     Most of my adult life has been taken with being a wife, mother and paralegal. I since retired from the paralegal business. However as most of you know you don't retire from motherhood and taking care of men.

     I'm not much of a group person, usually I find there is too much politics involved and I hate politics. That being said, I am also a Councilman for my Borough. But you have to remember I am a Gemini so that accounts for being one or the other.

     I have several things published and will soon have them up on this site. 

     Thanks and have a great day.  

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